Work that Supports Creativity – Living with Intention

I live with intention to make work that supports creativity. Skincare challenges me to be creative!

In the process of finding work that supports creativity, Chandler B. Esthetics started before I was a Licensed Esthetician.
I finished my education in 2018, jumping straight into the esthetics field by practicing hair removal.

Beginning as a Sugarist, now an active Wax Specialist. I challenged myself with hair removal because it is one of the easiest things to learn but one of the hardest things to make comfortable!

The challenge is gone and I am simply gaining speed. I decided to slow things down and find ways to support my lifestyle with work that supports creativity.

I am here to help you improve your skin through setting skincare goals, to encourage you to gain an understanding of your skin. Are you ready to improve your skin?

The journey to clear skin begins by scheduling a skin consultation. Skincare Recommendations and Reviews will be available.

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Skincare Recommendations and Reviews

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