Simplifying Life – Less is More

By simplifying life, living with intentions, and by having a “Less is more” mindset it is possible to be fluid and get the most out of life.

My “Less is more” mindset started about two years ago when we moved to Georgia. Slowly I have been able to make zero-waste swaps, Find ways to invest in myself and even create healthy boundaries when it comes to the future.

One of my favorite videos on simplifying:

By investing in myself I have also starting living with intention. Using my passions for skincare, writing, and character development to work part-time, start blogging, and open a in-person skincare space.

Now that passions are fueling my fire, savings and planning are in the works. I am planning to be debt free and in a stable financial position by the time I am 27.

My first stop towards savings was to stop the shop. Money was spent between cosmetics, clothing and body products.

Today my entire wardrobe is half of what it was two years ago, better skincare means less makeup and body care is now a bar of lavender soap, free waxing & product from my part-time job.

Simplifying Life

Zero Waste Swaps:

Local Shampoo & Conditioner Bars

Dr. Bronner’s Lavender Castile Bar Soap

Bamboo Tooth Brush

Simplifying Life with Bars of soap

Have you swapped any of your favorites to zero waste?

The energy I have for “less is more” has become a great motivator for simplifying life, living with intention to create a better life in the years ahead.

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