Green & Glowing Cleanser

Throughout March, the Green & Glowing Cleanser from WildBloom Pure Skincare has quickly become a favorite for those who are dealing with skincare issues such as dull skin, hyperpigmentation, or acne.

*This an honest review with no affilation with the company.

Ingredients include :
Italian Green Clay
Pink Grapefruit
Ginger Root
and Tea Tree Leaf.

To begin, Why is the clay green?

Italian Green Clay originates from the Adriatic Sea, where the clay is composed of marine deposits.

Photo Belongs to Wildbloom Pure Skincare

In combination with the Italian Green Clay, the Green & Glowing Cleanser reduces breakouts with immune-boosting Ginger Root, Lavender, and Tea Tree Leaf!

While a punch of Vitamin C from Pink Grapefruit encourages cellular repair and rejuvenation.

While using this cleanser in my morning routine, I felt that each day my skin was recharged and ready for the day. My skin had been recovering from a change in season. Using this cleanser just once a day the difference was visible within 48-hours.

I never forgot my moisturizer and an SPF since continuous use of Vitamin C can make your skin sensitive to the sun!

Here are results from using the Green & Glowing Cleanser for 5 days in a row:

Before using Green & Glowing Cleanser

Before Using the Cleanser

After using Green & Glowing Cleanser

5 Days After Using the Cleanser

The Green & Glowing Cleanser by Wildbloom Pure Skincare is perfect for those who want to boost their skin’s appearance, improve hyperpigmentation and reduce breakouts.

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