Spray Tan Preparation & Aftercare

Make your spray tan last for 5-7 days with this spray tan preparation & aftercare guide! Here is your easy how-to for preparing your skin before spray tan application. The aftercare guide for the spray tan is also included! 

Spray Tan Preparation:

Time: 24-48 hours before application.

Exfoliation and Hair Removal. 

You can Dry Brush using circular motions towards the heart on dry skin. Also, a Body Polish of your choice- Using circular motions with product towards the heart on wet skin, rinse when completed.

After cleansing your skin, use oil, lotion, or body cream to keep your skin hydrated and clean through the night.

Morning of the spray tan, You should take a quick shower, and rinse off. No deodorant if possible and No Perfumes. 

 Bring or wear dark, loose clothing to your appointment.


Avoid getting skin wet for at least 6-12 hours. 

After your spray tan has developed, rinse off the remaining tan.

Keep your skin moisturized every day and exfoliate your skin every two days to remove dead skin cells so the tan fades evenly.

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Enjoy the longevity of your tan with this spray tan preparation and aftercare guide!

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